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Welcome to WAFU!

So, why have I decided to start yet another blog?…Well, to be honest I sort of missed writing reviews and felt like a fresh start with a fresh new place to put forth various opinions and/or vent my spleen.

Plus this can also serve as a place where I can talk about movies that I know Jamie would probably refuse to watch for Revolving Video. But, in case you think this may be the start of our “solo project” era ala Kiss circa 1978, it’s not. Don’t expect Jamie to bust out a blog of his own discussing the highs and lows of Lindsay Lohan’s filmography and the saccharin covered fingers of Richard Curtis. Why? Because he has three thumbs and no fingers, making typing a bit of a tasking process for the poor little bastard.

But anyway, for the moment this place shall just be a rather simple venture, reviews and maybes the odd article. I’ll no doubt transfer over some old reviews too…Just to fill the place out a little.

As for the name of the blog, WAFU…It’s not an acronym, so if you’ve looked it up on Wikipedia, it doesn’t stand for West Africa Football Union and neither does it stand for Wet And Fucking Useless (even if I have been referred to as that many times). No, the phrase WAFU comes from one of the greatest cinematic/straight to video achievements of our time…Samurai Cop.

Hold on…I see that Wikipedia also says “Wafu is Japanese for “Japanese style””…It seems Amir Shervan knew more about Japanese culture than I thought.

No, of course he didn’t.


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