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Great “Special Features”

We all love a DVD full of extra guff, whether it be a nice full bodied documentary, a fact filled audio commentary or that deleted scene you’ve always heard about but never seen.

So, here’s a list of some of my personal favourite extra features that are featured on certain digital versatile discs (That’s DVD to you and me)


30 Days In Hell [The Devils Rejects]

Probably one of the most in-depth and detailed making of documentaries ever put together. Chronicling every day of the 30 day shoot, it clocks in 145 minutes, longer than the film itself. Highlights include Bill Mosley going a bit too far during the filming of the opening montage and accidentally stabbing an actress with a prop knife and Brian Posehn delivering a piece to camera whilst wearing the make up from his death scene, a bullet wound in his forehead.

The Joe Spinell Story [Maniac]

A fantastic doc on the life of late, great character actor Joe Spinell, most well known for his supporting roles in Rocky, The Godfather and of course his fantastic performance as Frank Zito in Maniac. Highlights include archive footage of Spinell and a Pal hanging out with Steven Spielberg on the day they find out whether ‘Jaws’ has received any Oscar nominations.

Bey Logan & Mark King Audio Commentary [Once Upon A Time In China – HKL Release]

Now, every commentary Bey Logan records is fabulous, because the guy is a fountain of information when it comes to Hong Kong cinema, even the most dedicated fan will learn something new. But this one is unique because of how badly it goes at times, thanks to Mark King. King has a small role in OUATIC, and I guess Bey, being a friend of his, thought it might be a good idea to get him in on the recording session to share his thoughts. But it quickly becomes apparent that King has very little enthusiasm for Hong Kong cinema or movies in general. Bey and Mark are no longer friends, apparently because of this commentary.

Steve Wang, Marc Dacascos, Kadeem Hardison & Koichi Sakamoto Audio Commentary [Drive: Directors Cut – Region 2 Release]

A commentary I listen to quite a bit, as it never fails to cheer me up. Although you do get a hell of a lot of information about the filming process and the ordeal that they went through during post-production where the producers cut quite a bit of story from the movie, you also get lots of laughs. Whether it be Sakamoto being made fun of for allegedly breaking wind, or Kadeem’s remarks about how great his hair is (“The bullets went through the dreads!” – “HAIR!!!”). It’s non stop info and laughs from beginning right to the very end of the credits.

Terror Takes Shape [ The Thing]

Another great making of documentary, extremely in depth; If there’s something you want to know about the making of The Thing, if it isn’t in Russell & Carpenters equally good commentary track, then it’ll be here. Not much more to say than that, other than Rob Bottin seems like the kind of guy that would be hilarious to hang out with, seems like he’s on 6 cups of coffee at all times.

Scenes By The Sea – [Brother]

A fantastic documentary on the great Takeshi Kitano made during the time he was filming ‘Brother’, hence it’s inclusion on the DVD. Produced by Channel 4, it takes us through his early years growing up around Yakuza, his time as a part of ‘The Two Beats’ and his disappointment at the Japanese publics reaction to his performance in Nagisa Oshima’s Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. Eventually going through each of his films up until Brother…Features interviews with Kitano himself as well as numerous journalists, collaborators and co-stars from Brother. A great documentary. Although I’m still waiting for a more epic and in depth documentary, as this only clocks in at 45 minutes, but then again it was made for TV.


So that’s it for the moment, I’ll return to this list at some point in the near future. What are your favourite extras? Leave a comment folks…


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