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Black Swan – Rented this recently on Blu-Ray, I was going to make the effort to see when it was in cinema’s…But, I think on the night I just couldn’t be arsed. I enjoyed it rather a lot, Portman puts in a fantastic performance as the talented but damaged ballet dancer, as does Vincent Cassel as the slightly seedy ballet director. Chock full of surreal, disturbing imagery and some impressive FX work. Afterwards I said to the missus that it’s almost like if David Lynch remade Suspiria….Then I realised that’s the kind of shit critics quote that makes me want to jam toothpicks in my ears and punch myself in the kidneys. So I did. But, Speaking of Mr Lynch…

Twin Peaks – The entire series. Loved it. I’m almost annoyed that it’s taken me this long to get around to watching it! Before watching the series i’d only really ever seen a few clips and Fire Walk With Me…Which may have been a bit of a spoilerfest really, but it in no way ruined my enjoyment of the series, I just watched it as a sequel to the movie. It’s unfortunate that the second season drags slightly and it’s ironic that the revelation of “Who killed Laura Palmer?” was pretty much the death knell of the series. Although I didn’t think season two was as bad as most make out, it’s really only the middle section that loses it’s way a little, the final five or six episodes that build to the marvellously nightmarish and surreal finale certainly make up for any shortcomings it may have. Twin Peaks may also have the darkest and shocking final scene of any TV series in history…it’s a cliffhanger with no resolution, because of course, the show was cancelled. But from the extra features it seems like they all pretty much knew that there would be no season three…Making the final scene rather brave and incredibly bleak.

Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee – Shane Meadows, one of…No, the best film maker we have in the UK, tries his hand at a feature length mockumentary, centring around one of his characters from a few previous shorts of his, Le Donk. Le Donk is a roadie and has gotten himself a job working for the “Arctical Monkeys”, his plan is to help get his rap protégé Scor-Zay-Zee get a slot on the bill, all the while his pregnant ex is ready to give birth at any time. Paddy Considine, the best actor the UK has produced in some time, plays the eponymous Le Donk, and he’s as fantastic as always. Le Donk is a bit of a poser, bit of a bull shitter and a bit temperamental, the perfect kind of character to make a doc/mockumentary about. Highlights include Le Donk trying to intimidate his ex’s new partner and Le Donk and Scor-Zay-Zee’s rehearsal session (“Calm down Ryan Seacrest!”). Highly recommended.


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