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“Hello There, Remake This…”

This is something that’s no doubt been said before, and said better, but I’m in a ranting mood so I’m just going to get it off my chest…It’s what blogging and the internet is for after all.

Recently it was announced that the long rumoured remake of Sam Raimi’s classic feature debut, ‘The Evil Dead’, is now on it’s way to finally being made.

But, I’m not here to whine about remakes, I’ve done enough of that to last me a lifetime.

What I am going to whine about is Hollywood’s way of inviting talented foreign film makers to make movie’s in America and seemingly their only choice is to remake something.

Examples: Alexandre Aja, who is seemingly contractually obliged to only direct remakes (The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors, Piranha 3D). The Pang Brothers, who remade their own ‘Bangkok Dangerous’,  David Moreau & Xavier Palud, the team behind the fantastic ‘Ils’, who were hired to direct a remake of The Pang Brothers classic ‘The Eye’.

I just don’t understand the logic behind hiring directors who have burst onto the scene with an impressive and creative/original movie (their début in most cases) and then ask them to just recycle something. You could argue that producers see them as the best people to bring new life to a classic, but they’ve already made future classics of their own…let them keep doing that, but in Hollywood if they must. Nurture talent, don’t exploit it by wasting it on pointless remakes of things that don’t even need to be remade.

I bring this up because the man they’ve hired to direct the ‘Evil Dead’ remake is Federico Alvarez, the man behind this rather brilliant short film – Panic Attack!

Once again, take an obviously talented film maker and then plonk a remake on his lap instead of letting him create something of his own.

But back to the remake itself, I wasn’t initially of the “oh fuck off, i’m not watching that” mindset at first, I was just sort of indifferent to them remaking it. And then I read that Diablo “Juno” Cody will be contributing to the script…THEN came “oh fuck this, i’m not watching that”.


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