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*Link Of The Week* – The Cinema Snob [dot] Com

Mr Brad Jones has been churning out his fantastic satirical review series The Cinema Snob for a good few years now. From the early days of YouTube, where I first came across his videos, to being suspended from YouTube (unfairly I might add) to finally forming his own website, becoming part of and expanding his oeuvre with a number of series’ that are now a major part of his site, including…

The Big Box – A look back at some clam shell classics from the days of VHS. Presented like a late night info-mercial.

Brad Tries – A bit like an ‘I’m A Celebrity’ bush tucker challenge, but instead of eyeballs and kangaroo wang, it’s bizzare soft drinks and stomach churning snacks like squid peanuts and chocolate covered bugs.

The Bruno Mattei Show – Brad and friends disscuss the highs and lows of the filmography of legendary exploitation director Bruno Mattei.

Plus podcasts, feature length movie’s and more. Go and take a look for yourself and educate yourself in the ways of Pierre Kirby, Crackers Phinn and people who have a fetish for “knives and ass”…The Cinema Snob [dot] Com


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