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Public Domain Gems: Laser Mission [1989]

‘Laser Mission’, if you don’t know, was an early lead role for Brandon Lee and i’m sure if he was still around today, he would’ve deleted it from his resume long ago.

I love this film, it’s one of my favourite “so bad it’s good” flicks. I originally bought this on VHS when I was a kid, during a time when I was watching Rapid Fire, Showdown In Little Tokyo and The Crow rather a lot. I seem to remember thinking ‘Laser Misson’ (or Soldier Of Fortune as my copy is called) was a bit of a snooze fest. But this was when I was viewing it with young eyes. Cut to a few years ago and i’m having one of those days where i’m bored beyond belief, so I have a dig around at the back of my DVD/Video cupboard and glance at my dusty old copy of ‘Soldier Of Fortune’, not watched for many years and think “Fuck it, i’ll give that another chance”…

I’m so very glad I did!

Things to look out for…

  • Count how many times the amazingly catchy theme song, Mercenary Man by Dave Knophler, is used. They really got their money’s worth.
  • Notice how a scene changes from night to day within a matter of minutes.
  • The character of Eckhart and his “terrifying” collection of severed heads. One of which is wearing a beanie hat. Obviously died in style.
  • Ernest Borgnine looking like he has genuinely fallen asleep between takes.
  • Plus many more fantastically shoddy moments.

This isn’t up there with the likes of something like Samurai Cop or Fatal Deviation, but it’s still a hoot and a film every bad movie afficianado should have seen. Enjoy!

Send me your thoughts on the movie for a possible follow up post – keepitwarm [at]


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