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Ghost Watch “Sequel”?

Recently I was chatting with a friend of mine about the infamous BBC Halloween special from 1992, Ghost Watch. We discussed the long awaited documentary about the special titled “Ghost Watch: Behind The Curtain”, we both felt like old men when we discussed their plans to perhaps release the doc on the shows 20th anniversery…next year! Good god, it only feels like yesterday when I was sat in front of the TV, on the verge of soiling my PJ’s at the sight of Pipes.

But anyway, yesterday whilst scouting around the web to see if I could find any definite news that the documentary would be seeing the light of day next year, I came across a short story entitled “31/10” on Steven Volks’ (Ghost Watch creator) website. The story follows up on the events of Ghost Watch, telling the story of what happens when the BBC decide to make a second Ghost Watch show on the originals 10th anniversary. I had no idea anything close to an official sequel existed.

So, I thought i’d post it here for any other Ghost Watch fans that had no idea this was available. Enjoy!

Read “31/10”


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