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Norris & Travolta Join Expendables 2?

So, Novinite broke the story on Thursday that both Chuck Norris and John Travolta have joined the cast of the upcoming sequel to The Expendables. The film is set to shoot in Bulgaria and in an interview with the CEO of Bulgarian based studios NU Boyania, David Varod, this bombshell was dropped…

Would you disclose some of the names coming for sure?

Sylvester StalloneJason StathamJohn TravoltaArnold Schwarzenegger,Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph LundgrenMickey Rourke…who else? Of course, Bruce Willis. The director is Simon West, who is also a name. He is already here and has started working on the film. I believe the sequel will be better than the first movie.

It’s nice to get more casting information, and i’ll bet  the news of Norris is going to go over well, simply because of the internet-meme that refuses to fuck off, yes it was funny for a while, but enough now. So, the box office of the sequel will be inflated slightly, thanks to hipster kids who’ve never seen a Chuck Norris movie in their lives yet still call him a “legend” rushing to see him roundhouse kick somebodies face off.

As for Travolta, well he’s at his best when he’s playing villains, so hopefully that’s what he’ll be playing in The Expendables 2.

Who are you hoping get’s cast in the highly anticipated sequel?


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