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The Revolving Video Podcast Episode 28

  • Welcome/What’s coming up etc
  • Movie News: Thomas Jane removed from Stallone’s ‘Head-Shot’, Clive Barkers reaction to ‘Hellraiser Revelations’, Donnie Yen for ‘Expendables 2?’/Jet Li not returning?, Rambo V news…
  • Break/Promo: Radiodrome –
  • Movie News Cont: Lucas is tinkering with ‘Star Wars’ again, Van Damme’s ‘UFO’, Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ sequel/Tony Scott’s ‘The Wild Bunch’ remake…
  • Movie Reviews:  Let The Right One In, House Of Voices (Saint Ange), KM 31, Horrible Bosses, Nightwatch, The Other Guys
  • Quickest “Wrap Up” ever due to budget constraints.

Feel free to email us at – revolvingvideo [at]

If you have a blog/podcast and would like us to play your promo, drop us a line!



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