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Update on The Equalizer Season II Release

So, it seems that season 2 of The Equalizer will not be in our sweaty hands until next year…I think? The proposed release date has come and gone, with not yet offering pre-orders, whilst Amazon are but with no release date.

I’ve done a little digging and it seems that Fabulous Films are now releasing the set and not Universal Playback (who released season 1). A few people have mentioned that Fabulous Films posted on their Facebook page that they’re planning to release season 2 in Jan/Feb 2012. I’ve been to their Facebook page and couldn’t find a trace of this announcement and their main website is down.

Bugger. Keep your fingers crossed for a Jan/Feb release!


2 thoughts on “Update on The Equalizer Season II Release

  1. Fabulous Films have very recently confirmed the release date on FaceBook (looked it up a moment ago), 26th March 2012, Amazon also confirmed this in an email to me today 🙂

    Gotta say that I’ll only truly believe it when the boxset is in my hands, but this time it sounds like it’s for real.

    Posted by dave saunders | January 25, 2012, 6:32 pm

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