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Revolving Video Podcast Episode 37: Bustin’ Ass

  • What’s coming up, random jibber jabber.
  • Chris’ Movie Review: Insidious
  • Home Media Releases: Blu Ray & DVD releases coming soon + Chris’s hope for a 3 disc Blu Ray of ‘Rambu’ someday.
  • Movie News: Clarkson cameo’s in ‘The Sweeney’, Tennis player joins ‘Expendables 2’ cast, Jackie Chan’s ‘Chinese Zodiac’.
  • Break – We Plugs Some Sites – Head Full Of Snow/Beardy Freak & The Cinema Snob
  • FIVE: …Great Shoot Outs.
  • Jamie’s Movie Review: Never Say Never Again
  • Wrapping up the show like a Xmas present. Jibber jabber.

Head on over to the Revolving Video facebook page to check out a mini show where we discuss our favourite fight scenes. As always, feel free to send us an email @ revolvingvideo [at]


Theme music by Snake & Jet


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