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The Broken [2008] I’d never heard of this, took a chance on it and i’m glad I did. A really inventive and effective horror film that relies purely on atmosphere and impending doom more than it does jump scares or gore. Although there is one rather nasty, bloody moment to behold, which is all the more effective because it comes out of nowhere and as I said, only happens once.

My only problem with it was it seemed to be over before it really began, when it seemed like it was at the hour mark it was actually at the 80 minute mark and almost over. If more time was spent on the build up it would’ve been far more effective, as it is it sort of feels like an episode of a TV series, albeit a very effective one.

I also appreciated the ambiguous nature of the whole thing, it’s like a surreal nightmare. Recommended.

The Principle [1987] Wanted to see this one for a while. I would always see the box in the video shop as a kid and now and then catch the trailer at the start of a tape, but never did get around to renting it…I think I probably thought it was too “adult” for me at the time, bit too serious…with no kung fu or explosions, even if it did have “the bloke from Red Heat and K-9 in it”.

So anyway, thanks to ‘Crackle’ i got a chance to watch it recently, it’s rather enjoyable. It doesn’t quite plum the depths that something like ‘Savage Streets’ does when it comes to violent high school delinquents and it’s score could’ve been peppered with a bit more grimy menace instead of music which sounds like it’s from a montage in a John Hughes movie.

But yeah, fun stuff, with a great performance from Louis Gossett Jnr and of course Jim Belushi (the best Belushi).

“NO MORE!!!”

Stir Of Echoes [1999] Kevin Bacon gains the power to see spirits from the beyond thanks to his annoying, hippy sister in law and has to uncover the mystery of what happened to the ghost of a teenage girl that haunts his home.

Very well done and effective little chiller that I missed first time around, but after much recommendation from my co-host Jamie I finally got around to watching it. Sure, it came in the wake of the Sixth Sense, but it’s probably a more effective movie. I say that because apart from the twist in the Sixth Sense I can barely remember anything about it, whereas there are at least a handful of moments in Stir Of Echoes that a very memorable…Most notably the suitably surreal hypnosis moments set in an old cinema.

Plus it stars Kevin Bacon, always a plus.


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