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Hard To Kill Audio Commentary From The After Movie Diner!

I’ve been meaning to give Jon and his After Movie Diner podcast a shout out for a while now and this is as good a time as any, as the show has released it’s first audio commentary, and it is for none other than the Mojo Priests second feature ‘Hard To Kill’.

If you’ve missed the Seagal bashing that went on during The Revolving Video Podcast on a weekly basis or just want a bloody good laugh then check out the commentary (as well as all episodes of the show obviously, it really is a fantastic pod.)

It seems that the guys (@aftermoviediner & @crowson22) had so much fun recording this, that they’ve decided to start a second podcast dedicated entirely to audio commentaries for action movies, which you can find here. The second show will be Dolph Lundgrens ‘Dark Angel/I Come In Piece’. Fantastic.

Anyway, get yourself over to the Diner, dust of your copy off ‘Hard To Kill’ and enjoy.

‘Hard To Kill’ Commentary


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