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Bits & Bobs

Here’ some random jazz for  you to check out…

  • First off the official debut of the Dr Action & The Kick Ass Kid Podcast is now online. The film for the first episode, a childhood rental favourite of mine, Dark Angel (aka I Come In Peace) starring the one and only Dolph Lundgren.
  • If you’re on Letterboxd, find me on there here…if anyone wants an invite, let me know, I have one left. It’s a great time waster of a site for movie fans, really looking forward to it opening up officially once the beta stage is all done and dusted. I recently posted a list of my least favourite movies…felt great afterwards, really vented my spleen as much as I possibly could without having a stroke.
  • You might remember me mentioning on the prematurely deceased Revolving Video Podcast, that Mr Brad Jones was planning on making The Cinema Snob into a feature length movie. Well, filming has begun and Brad and Co have been posting regular ‘behind the scenes’ videos. Love watching the making of a low budget movie, really inspiring. Can’t wait for the flick!
  • And lastly, because of the end of Revolving Video, I have now turned the shows facebook page into both a Revolving Video & WAFU page. So, if you enjoy the blog, please go over to the page and click “like” and all that jazz.


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