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Bits & Bobs

It’s all podcast business this time…

First off, the most recent episode of ‘Dr Action & The Kick Ass Kid’ is online and this time the guys take a look at the Van Damme classic ‘Double Impact’…And although it’s a Van Damme movie, there’s is thankfully a plentiful amount of hilarious Seagal trash talk crammed in there for your listening pleasure. Check out the show here – Dr Action & The Kick Ass Kid (Also, follow the chaps on twitter @crowson22 & @aftermoviediner)

Speaking of podcasts, WAFU’s new resident podcast ‘Top Quality Video Tapes’ is now available on iTunes, so please subscribe and give us a rating/review and help spread the word about the show. Expect a new episode sometime next week! – TQVT ON iTUNES – And while you’re at it, become a fan of the facebook page – WAFU@Facebook

And finally. gp and check out the ‘At The Flicks’ podcast to hear more of my co-host Adam Wigham (@spuffjockey) yacking about films; he popped his podcasting cherry on the ‘Clash Of The Titans’ episode…and now, he is a titan of podcasting. How poetic. – At The Flicks Podcast


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