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Seagal For The Expendables 3?

So a few stories have been popping up lately that Mr Mojo Priest himself, Steven Seagal, has been approached for a role in The Expendables 3 which is apparently due to start shooting at the end of the year.

Seagal: “He [Sylvester Stallone] plans to do another one and I have already been made an offer. We’ll see…”

A couple of things I have to say about this; first off it was rumoured that Seagal was offered a chance to star in the forthcoming Expendables 2, but turned it down due to his dislike of the franchises producer Avi Lerner. They have worked together in the past and have apparently had some sort of falling out, probably due to Seagal not being able to muster up the energy to ADR his own dialogue or walk across the street without the aid of a double. So I can’t really see Stallone getting rid of his producer just to appease God Seagal…But then again, after the Chuck Norris/PG13 fiasco anything is possible.

Secondly, if this is true my excitement for a third movie in the series would be diluted rather a bit because I’m not really a fan of the guy, I like his first couple of movies and that’s about it. I’ve read too many things about the guy that discredit all of his so called accomplishments and expose him as nothing but a bullshit artist with a big mouth. Besides he’s not exactly in the best shape of his career unlike all of the other older and wiser action stars that have come back to kick ass for Stallone. So unless he’s playing a reincarnation of Buddha (which wouldn’t surprise me if Seagal has any input into his character) then i’m really not interested. Unless he plays ‘Henchman #2 That Get’s Shot In The Dick By Lee Christmas’


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