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Inside [2007]

Lately I’ve been picking up the films I missed during the boom of “new wave of french horror” that happened a few years back, with ‘Inside’ being one I was really interested in seeing at the time, but I was always a bit wary that it was going to be nothing but ultra violence, purely for shock value. I know that all gore to an extent is there for shock value, but if a film has nothing else to bring to the table than “Look at that! Gross eh?! Brutal!!! (e.g Hostel)” then I can’t be arsed with it.

But ‘Inside’, as grueling and harsh as it is at times is not just a show-reel of shocking moments with nothing more to offer, as it actually takes time to build tension (and keeps piling it on throughout) and (although only slight) let us get to know our main heroine, thankfully she is not just a piece of meat to be tormented for 2 hours.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more fearsome female character in a movie than Beatrice Dalle’s (credited only as The Woman), she offers just the right amount of insanity with minimum scenery chewing, which equals a believable and terrifying performance.

I was quite surprised at the reaction the film got from me, I consider myself quite jaded when it comes to horror and i’m not easily shocked these days, but there were parts during Inside where I found myself wincing in anticipation…and as for the ending, well I almost looked away and I cant remember the last film that made me do that. So yeah, it has shock value and extreme moments, but handled really well.

If i had one gripe with the movie, it would be the rather cheesy, almost comedic moment where our heroine decides to fight back, constructs herself a weapon and looks at the camera as if to say “Let’s go bitch!”…It took me out of the movie for a minute or two as it quite frankly just didn’t match the tone of the previous hour at all. But this is a small criticism, because the rest of the movie kicked my arse off its hinges.

The Woman In Black [2012]

First off it’s great that the new “Hammer” decided to actually make a film that actually resembles the old Hammer favourites.

As for the film itself, whilst I enjoyed it somewhat and thought it had some effective scares and a creepy atmosphere, it just felt a bit unfinished, it seemed like it was over just as it was starting to build steam. Daniel Radcliffe managed to pull off playing an adult and get rid of some of the Harry Potter stigma thanks to some sideburns, facial hair and never really changing his facial expression from “i’m rather confused yet angry” (although a friend was telling me that someone he knows got kicked out of a screening for yelling “use your wand Harry!” a few times)

So yeah, maybes i just need to give it a second chance…because truth be told, I wasn’t exactly sober whilst watching it. Or maybe it’s because I’d watched ‘Inside’ the day before, which features a far more terrifying “woman in black”

The Avengers [2012]

Thoroughly enjoyed it and was pleased it lived up to the glowing, almost too good to be true reviews I’ve been seeing.

The final 30 minutes contains probably the finest comic book movie set piece I’ve ever seen, with a scale and level of excitement that had me grinning from ear to ear like a kid. And everything is crystal clear, perfectly shot and edited, not a trace of the dreaded “shaky cam = excitement” mindset.

Also, with this being the work of Joss Whedon, the film has it’s fair share of comedic moments…Two of which had me guffawing like a buffoon (both of which concern the Hulk, who I hope get’s an even bigger chance to shine in the inevitable sequel)

So yeah, fantastic.


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