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The Expendables 2 – Trailer + Thoughts

Finally, a full length trailer for the most anticipated movie of the summer (for me anyway, and any true fan of action cinema). Here’s a few things I wanted to mention…

  • First off, seeing more footage of Van Damme in this movie after the brief glimpse we got in the teaser makes me a very happy man. Being a big Van Damme fan, I was ridiculously disappointed that he decided not to take the role that was offered to him the first time The Expendables caused some chaos. So to have him on board this time, and as the villian, is fantastic. Those who are a bit miffed that Van Damme isn’t one of the good guys shouldn’t worry, he’ll be awesome as Jean Vilain; check out his hard boiled, angry performance in ‘Wake Of Death’ and imagine it channeled into an bad guy. As for the showdown between JC and Stallone. I hope it’s as bad ass as Stallone says it is, from the glimpse we get of it in the trailer, i’d say it will be.


  • Secondly, I have a feeling that Jet Li will not make it to the closing credits. When the film was in post production, the story called for Rourke’s character Tool to be killed, leading the team on a revenge mission. But Rourke dropped out. Originally it seemed like Li wouldn’t be returning either, but eventually he signed on for what seemed like an extended cameo. Add to that the original plan to have Tools daughter joining them to avenge her fathers death, from the trailer it seems Yu Nan spends a fair bit of time with the Expendables. A relative of Yin Yangs perhaps? We shall see.
  • Arnie. Whilst I love the gag off him ripping the door of a tiny car, comparing it to the size of his shoe, then doing a drive by with Bruno, the whole “I’m back!” line seems a bit too forced. Not necessarily the line itself, but the delivery. I’m hoping this is just a more punctuated take that they’ve used for the trailer. As @GrindhouseDave said on twitter “He acts like he’s playing himself in a Saturday Night Live sketch or something.Sticks out a mile”, which is kind of true, yeah it’s a bit fun, but it’s also a bit crap. But, I can over look this, after all I’m just looking forward to seeing Arnie brandishing an automatic weapon and taking care of business once again.
  • The one thing that plagued the original movie was some of the the cinematography during the action scenes. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming this on Jerffery Kimball, I think the guy is a great DP, it was more just to do with the style that Sly wanted, and probably more of an editing issue most of the time. It made for frustrating viewing during certain scenes, especially during the Jet Li/Lundgren fight with its odd choice of tight angles and quick fire editing which seemed needless. But judging from the trailer it seems like ‘shaky cam’ has been reduced to a minimum thank god, and we’re going to be able to absorb all of the explosive shenanigans that this film will have to offer…which looks like A LOT!
  • *Lastly…“Track ’em, find ’em, kill ’em!” – That sir, is bad ass.

This film is coming along just at the right time for me, as its release date is August 17th, two days after what will be my 30th birthday (waaah)…So I will basque in the glory of ‘The Expendables 2’, forget about getting older and be transported back to my childhood and watch some of the macho fellas that I grew up idolizing blow shit up. Thanks Sly.


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