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The Return Of VIDZ!

If like me, you were something of an insomniac in the late 90’s/early 00’s and lived in the UK, you might remember the late night programming on Channel 4 under the ‘4Later’ banner and the flapship show on there, the video review show ‘Vidz’ hosted by Nigel Buckland and Stef Gardner. The show ran for 6 series and was without a doubt the greatest film review show to ever grace our televsion screens. It was as hilarious as it was informative and it’s hosts were genuine fans with a passion for movies that you rarely see on TV anymore.

I was and still am a massive fan of the show, I recorded it every week, I even went as far as creating a fan site on Geocities back in the day, which prompted Nige to fling an email my way and thank me, which made my day. But, for years fans of the show have been itching for a reunion of some sort and it seems that now we will get it, in podcast form.

Nige and Stef will unleash the Vidz Podcast this week over at podomatic and I for one can’t fucking wait.

Stick this in your bookmarks –

And head on over to their facebook page –

And if you want to check out the old TV show for yourself, you can find the majority of the episodes right here –

Alashapalood, as Nige used to say.


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