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Fisticuffs Friday – Police Story

In the first entry of Fisticuffs Friday i’ve decided to go with the finale of Police Story, the film (and scene) that made me a lifelong fan of Jackie Chan.

In my opinion, there are few films that have matched the intensity of this scene, it really does a great job of constantly piling up the desperate and ferocious atmosphere that the film has been building towards and watching Jackie in vigilante mode going to any lengths to bring down the bad guys is fantastic. It’s jam packed full of amazing stunts, superb choreography and lots (and lots) of glass being smashed.

My favourite moments include the sequence from 3:17 to 3:50, its a masterclass in how to pace and edit a fight scene, and the way in punctuates with the slow motion crash into the glass is brilliant.

Jackie (although its Blackie Ko performing the stunt apparently) taking a guy out by ramming him with a motorcycle and then (of course) driving him through a row of glass cabinets.

And of course, the moment where Jackie turns Chu’s guts into pâté by punching him about 87 times.

So, if you’ve never seen this movie before, sit back, enjoy and then go out and buy the DVD.


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