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Fisticuffs Friday – Yes, Madam

This week on Fisticuffs Friday we’ll be taking a look at 1985’s ‘Yes, Madam’ (aka Police Assassins), which was the action debut of both Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock.

Here we have the final battle in which Yeoh and Rothrock take on a whole bunch of goons whilst John Sham runs around like a mentalist trying not to get stabbed. Eventually it comes down to Rothrock versus the great Dick Wei and Yeoh versus Chung Fat, who for some reason sports a ridiculous comedy eyebrows and tash combo throughout the whole movie.

It’s a fantastic sequences, full of wince inducing stunts that go to prove once again that the stuntmen in Hong Kong are the best in the world. The moment when the stuntman doubling for Yeoh has to jump arse first down a flight of stairs never fails to make me flinch.

So, sit back and enjoy two lovely ladies kick an inordinate amount of arse.


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