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Recent Viewings With The Old Eyeballs On My Electronic Picture Box

What can you say about Deadly Prey?

It’s a film that feels like it was made by a bunch of friends who had access to some film equipment, smoke machines and decided to go to the woods and make an action movie after watching First Blood a few too many times.

The story centers around a band of military goons who are in the process of honing their skills on the battle field by kidnapping random people, letting them loose in the woods and hunting them down (ala The Most Dangerous Game/Hard Target/Avenging Force etc etc), only they make the mistake of making Mike Danton, the hot pants wearing vietnam veteran loose cannon, their next target.

It doesn’t go well.

This is a film that seems to have grown in infamy over the past five or so years and i’m disappointed in myself for taking so long to watch it, being a big fan of trash flavoured low budget action movies. There are far too many stand out moments to list them all, and it’s best that they take you by surprise anyway, but my favourite moment came when Danton (who spends 90% of the movie wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of denim shorts) chops off a guys arm and then beats him to death with it.


More Chris Mitchum under the direction of Arizal aka more ridiculous violent fun.

This time we have what is pretty much an Indonesian Death Wish with Mitchum in the Kersey role (even going so far as to proclaim than he is “death” when asked who he is ala Death Wish 4…although oddly, this came out the year before Death Wish 4…).

Mitchums son is brutally gunned down (on his birthday no less, harsh) and his wife gang raped before ultimately dying herself, this leaves Mitchum itching to settle the score…the final score (*high five*).

With this being an Arizal movie you have pretty much one action set piece after the next, explosions followed by a car chase followed by a gun fight followed by an explosion. And its all great fun if this type of stuff is your cup of Indonesian tea.

The stunt work is of the usual un-safe looking standard, I was sure a guy had died during a car stunt (the scene is in the trailer, check it out, how did he survive?).

Mike Abbot is our villain this time, who has a tendency to comically blow away any henchman who annoys him and talks like a proto-Christian Bale/Batman. He is really quite spectacular.

A lonely salary man, sick of his life decides to kill himself, but quickly realises he can’t die.

The 3rd entry in the Guinea Pig series does away with the seedy, “faux snuff” style of the previous two and basically goes for splatter comedy, albeit black comedy. And its quite a bit of fun, goofy and disgusting in all the right places with FX work that (for the most part) still look amazingly realistic today.

Highlights include the wrist slitting sequence early on, complete with wound prodding that admittedly had me wincing a bit. And the final act, which our protagonist mentally tortures a co-worker by gutting himself in front of him.

It really is one to watch on a Sunday afternoon with the family.

I was expecting to hate this to be honest, and whilst its not as ball achingly bad as i’d imagined, it still wasn’t great.

I thought the story of the two rival families clashing over what to do with the zombie problem was quite a good idea…But, It’s just that the film is so full of stupid, random shit…The zombie kills are all played for laughs for the most part, and they look horrendously cheap thanks to the appalling CGI; the zombie heads on a stick in particular was shockingly bad. Why has Romero seemingly just abandoned practical effects? Yeah, CGI might be cheaper and less time consuming…but surely he can see that cheap CGI is far worse than cheap practical FX.

But yeah a few nice moments, and the fact that its Romero stopped me from writing it off completely.

Oh yeah, just remembered…a zombie rides a horse.

I think George has reached the point of no return.

Been wanting to see this for a few years now after initially seeing the films surreal opening credits sequence on YouTube which features Donnie Yen body popping around Hong Kong and acting like a hyperactive child, accompanied by some extremely catchy canto-pop.

It’s no surprise really that this is a pretty forgotten and obscure entry in both Yen’s and Yuen Woo Pings filmography, there is really only one major fight scene to speak off and the rest of the “action” comes from over the top dance sequences. But I still enjoyed it, it’s a really hard film not to like, simply because it’s so bizarre; For example, one scene features Yen going toe to toe with one of his rivals in a tennis match, but instead of a racket, Yen decides to use the wheels of his BMX, whilst sporting a day glo pink polo shirt and what looks eyeliner.

The majority of the movie is made of standard wacky Hong Kong comedy sequences that are of the extremely broad variety here , so depending on your tastes this will be the deciding factor in whether you make it to the final reel to see Donnie battle 80’s bad guy regular Dick Wei, who plays an insane fitness fanatic who is desperate to find someone to test his unparalleled skills.

Not one for someone hoping to find wall to wall action that is usually provided when Woo Ping and Yen get together, but definitely a curio for fans of their work who want to see them try something a bit different.


Saturday Night Fever – I remember when I first saw a couple of minutes of Saturday Night Fever on TV when I was about 12 and was shocked at the amount of swearing and sex i’d just witnessed…as I, like a lot of people i imagine, always assumed that the movie was nothing but a safe and camp disco movie.

Was nice to finally see the whole movie, thoroughly enjoyed it. And let’s be honest folks, the soundtrack is fantastic haha.

Ong Bak 3 – Fun enough, but with a story that really feels stretched out as much as possible to fill out the running time. I was also a little disappointed with the end duel between Jaa and Dan Chupong, was expecting a little more from it.

Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers – Out of the original run of Halloween movies (By that I mean, everything up until H2O) i’d never seen 4 or 6. So, I remedied this situation by sitting down to watch part 4 recently. Whilst I enjoyed it and thought some scenes were really well done and atmospheric, and Donald Pleasence is great, slipping back into the Loomis character with ease, I wouldn’t say it was the best of the sequels which seems to be the general consensus among a lot of Halloween fans. I still prefer Halloween 2.

And also, I found it hard to get past the really shitty looking mask they use which looks nothing like the original Shatner mask (same goes for 5, but at least that isn’t just blank and cheap looking).

Richard Pryor: Live On The Sunset Strip – Probably the 34th time I’ve watched it, never gets old. My favourite comedian and my favourite of his performances.

A line in the Mudbone section pretty much sums Pryor up for me.
“He could make a motherfucker laugh at a funeral, on sunday, Christmas day”

Torso – Fantastic, sleazy slice of Italian giallo that’s been on my list of “must see’s” for a while now, with quite possibly one of the most attractive female casts I’ve seen in a while.
Full of lurid images of both sex and violence and a pile of red herrings to keep you guessing. And features one of the creepiest looking killers i’ve seen for a while. Top stuff.


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