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Coming soon to the site is WAFU FM, which will be the blogs new resident podcast. Yes, I know that this was ‘Top Quality Video Tapes’ job, but I’ve decided to shake things up a bit. Originally I was planning on doing a separate podcast as well as ‘TQVT’, but I’ve decided to combine the two into something new.

The structure of the show will be more like Revolving Video, with emphasis on movie news etc as well as reviews of course and numerous other segments.

My plan is to also switch up my co-host now and then too, both for variety for the listener and so I can do some shows with friends I never have before. The first show should be up before the weekend hopefully, so if you’d like to send an email for the show, be it movie recommendations, opinions on new releases/current movie news, whatever you like, we want to hear from you – wafublog [@]

So until then, keep it warm.


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