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Films I Have Watched Lately On Various Home Entertainment Formats And Such

Haven’t done any wee written reviews for a while…So here ya are.

[Rec] 3: Genesis

One of the most entertaining horror movies I’ve seen for a while. Fair enough, there are parts that don’t quite meld well with the first two parts (the zombies/infected folk act really different for starters), plus a whole different tone, that doesn’t stop it from just being an entertaining, funny and splatterific good time. I feel like i’m in the minority on this one as after I watched it I read other folks thoughts and it seemed like the general consensus was negative for the most part…But I was a little dissapointed with [Rec] 2, which got glowing reviews from what I remember. Ah…

It’s also one of the best looking horror movies I’ve seen in a while with some brilliant cinematography on show, a showdown that takes place in the rain for example, fantastic. I guess with the change of direction after the opening 20 minutes (which swaps from camcorder style of the first two to a “real movie”) they wanted to go all out and make it as different and as stylish as possible. This is one of the sequels that shouldn’t work, but it does in my opinion…it’s what I always call a bit of a “dodgy sequel”, which isn’t a negative term, and anyone that knows me knows that I loves me a dodgy sequel.

Session 9

I enjoyed the performances and atmosphere, but overall I was a little dissapointed. Probably because I’ve heard for years how much of a hidden gem the film is, I think I was expecting something else. Something more, maybe.

But Peter Mullen is always a joy to watch, the man is a master of his craft; no-one can pull off a tortured and harrowed performance like Mullen, the scene where he sits and tries his hardest not to break down whilst chit chatting with his nephew is superb.

One other thing of note, the scene on the stairwell where the camera zooms into David Caruso’s face and he randomly turns his simple line of “fuck you!” into “fuck yooooouuuuuuu!!!”….Fuck was all that about?

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Basically 20 minutes of Judas Priest & Dokken fans, in a parking lot, drunk of their arses, talking to a camera crew. Very entertaining. Amusingly, as I mentioned that I was about to watch this on twitter with a friend of mine we were almost instantly messaged by a guy who appears in the documentary heh. There are also a couple more entries into this pretty ingenious idea for a series, including Monster Truck Parking Lot and…Neil Diamond Parking Lot. Yes!

Deadbeat At Dawn

I’ve wanted to see this for years, yonks even. So, a few weeks ago I had a friend coming over for a day of movie watching and decided to finally give this film it’s premier in my house. It tells a rather simple tale of gang warfare and revenge. Jim Van Bebber (director, writer, fx creator and pretty much every other job on the crew) plays Goose, a gang leader who promises his lady that he’s leaving the gang to lead a better life…and he does, but then his long time rival sends two goons to kill his missus. Then Goose’s life is turned upside down, he feeds her corpse to a trash compactor and moves in with his mental dad before revenge ensues.

Whilst obviously rough around the edges, which is to be expected, the film really does pack a punch with it’s grimy setting, off the wall performances (some good, some bad, some bizarre) and ultra violence.

I guess a good way to sell it to you (if you’re not familiar with the film) would be to say it’s like a cross between The Warriors and Combat Shock…with a bit of rough and ready kung fu thrown in there for good measure.

Anyway, I loved it. All hail Bonecrusher.

Dead Silence

Really enjoyed this. It’s the only film of James Wan’s i’d never seen and it cemented my opinion that the guy is one of the better horror directors working in Hollywood today (not that there’s many “horror directors” working in Hollywood these days. Shame.)

My only criticism, which is the fault of no-one, is that the lead actor Ryan Kwanten looks far too much like Ryan Reynolds…it was sort of distracting. I wonder if they’ve ever ran into each other at a party and feared that their doppelganger had finally found them.

Death Sentence

So after Dead Silence, I decided to give what would be James Wan’s follow up Death Sentence another watch.

And although I enjoyed the film the first time around (and this time too) I really took on board the criticism the film gets for being an “anti revenge, revenge movie” this time. I’m aware that Brian Garfield (the author of the novel its loosely based on, which is a sequel to his Death Wish novel) is a fan of the movie, as he felt Winner really missed the point of with Death Wish and its sequels and ended up glamorizing vigilantism and celebrating it, which was not his original intent with the story…But still, that’s why people watch movies about vigilante’s…it’s escapism.

But although as I said, even though this is a vigilante movie which carries a message that “revenge is wrong”, I do still enjoy it for what it is and Kevin Bacon puts in a great performance. Plus, it still manages to have its cake and eat it by having a “Kevin Bacon’s becoming a bad ass” montage and following it up with some graphic shotgun revenge. So yeah, a mixed message really.


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