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Wafu FM – Episode 40

News:  David Heavener to sequelize early favourites? Samurai Cop 2? Day Of The Dead remake lands director, Release date set for next Friday The 13th, George Miller comments on ‘Fury Road’ progress/problems, Eddie Murphy returning to Beverly Hills Cop, Terminator: Genesis tidbits plus more gubbins. Promos: The Above The Line Podcast, Dr Action & The … Continue reading

Wafu FM Episode 22 – Lords Of Salem

News: Lots of news this week – Riddck/Pacific Rim trailers, A Field In England to hit every format at once, Gremlins/Wild Bunch remakes, more Ninja Turtles gubbins, Stallones Expendables 3 tweets disscussed + more Review: The Lords Of Salem (a few spoilers) Promos: The B-Movie Bargain Bin, 3 Black Geeks, Nolan Zebra 3’s Movie Reviews, Beardy … Continue reading

Wafu FM Episode 20

News: Weird Science remake on the horizon, more Star Wars/Disney bollocks, The Tomb changes its title, Splinter cast in Ninja Turtles reboot, Stallone tweets about Snipes, Star Trek Into Darkness/Man Of Steel trailers. Review: Evil Dead (2013) [Spoilers] Got a question? Some feedback? A film recommendation? Please brutalise an email our way! wafupodcast [@] Or like … Continue reading

Wafu FM Episode 19

News: CZ 12 wins awards, S.H.I.E.L.D pilot, Street Fighter: Assassins Fist needs your help, The Overlook Hotel, Man Of Steel is starting to sound really lame, Stallones “Mel Gibson” tweets, Elysium trailer. Reviews: Violence Jack (Evil Town, Hell’s Wind, Slum King) + Goku: Midnight Eye 1 & 2 Got a question? Some feedback? A film recommendation? Please jack … Continue reading

Wafu FM – Episode 18

News: RIP Roger Ebert, Wesley Snipes released from jail, Ninja Turtles casting, Kriss vents about Pixar’s un-originality these days. Trailer discussions [Only God Forgives, The Conjuring, Carrie] Reviews: Chinese Zodiac (Contains spoilers) Got a question? Some feedback? A film recommendation? Please hurricanrana an email our way! wafupodcast [@] Or like and post something over at the Facebook page!  Check … Continue reading

Wafu FM – Episode 17

News: ‘Escape From New York’ casting rumours, He-Man cast in ‘Grayskull’?, Jackie Chan’s ‘Police Story 2013’ plot details, Evil Dead “remake” gets out of control with it’s sequel plans, ‘Dredd 2’ isn’t happening, Chevy Chase to go on ‘Vacation’ again? Reviews: Deadly Reactor Got a question? Some feedback? A film recommendation? Please slap an email our way! wafupodcast … Continue reading

Films I’ve Looked At For 2 Hours With My Eyes

Haywire (2011) OK, so Gina Carano was the only reason I watched this and she didn’t disappoint, she’s proven she can act with this film and will only get better, she looks great kicking peoples heads in, as she should considering how much arse she kicks in real life. But, it suffers from not having a … Continue reading

Wafu FM – Episode 13

[MAKE SURE TO ADD HTTP://WAFUFM.WORDPRESS.COM TO YOUR BOOKMARKS] News: Oscars, Mad Max, The Crow, Ninja Turtles, Bruce Lee, Mortal Kombat! Reviews: A Good Day To Die Hard, Hitchcock, Jaws, The Long Good Friday Got a question? Some feedback? A film recommendation? Please fling an email our way! wafupodcast [@] Or like and post something over … Continue reading

Wafu FM – Episode 12

In this weeks two hour jam packed show we discuss the closing of both HMV and Blockbuster and reminisce about the good old days of video renting, we talk about the new trailer for Rob Zombies ‘The Lords Of Salem’, Die Hard 5‘s 12A certificate, the new special edition of Samurai Cop. Plus the second … Continue reading

Wafu FM – Episode 11

We’re back at last. And we return with a jam packed show folks…We go over a few new stories, obviously including the JJ Abrahms/Star Wars news. Then we have the first part of our look back at 2012, including discussions on The Dark Knight Rises, Rec: Genesis, Expendables 2, Life Of Pi, Sinister  + many more. And … Continue reading